What's New for 2022?

The 2022 Cycling Season is really 'hotting up'! Firstly, we've had some really good weather and, now that travel restrictions are being dismantled, enquiries for cycling holidays are beginning to increase from abroad as well as home.

So, whats new from us here at Border City Cycle Hire? Well, our new Service/Delivery vehicle is fast becoming a hit with our clients that have used our delivery/collection services out with of Carlisle. Getting to your start or returning from your finishing points can now be achieved in almost executive style. Our Mercedes Sprinter has seating capacity for up to groups of five (5 dedicated seats) and can easily carry up to 10 bikes on dedicated, secure, internally mounted racks.

Also over the Covid shutdown, we have made some changes to our fleet of bikes with upgrades to some of the existing bikes, replacements for others and, more importantly, we now have a small fleet of e-bikes!

The e-bikes are proving very popular with those among us that enjoy two wheel travel, but not the bits that have upward gradients (i.e. Hills!). What is nice about using these, is that you still need to pedal and therefore exercising. However, the Tongsheng crank-driven motor can sense when you need assistance and applies it to take the sting out of any hill. By correctly setting your gearing, as you might normally, you will be able to choose the best power setting to help propel you upwards to the top of that long/steep hill.

I'm new to this 'blogging thing, so still getting to grips with it. So, if you have any questions or would like me to feature a particular aspect of cycling, such as route help for cycle ways local to Carlisle, or perhaps along Hadrians' Wall and the various C2C routes, please let me know. I'm probably best contacted via email: mike@bordercitycyclehire.com as I can access emails near enough anywhere... even in very remote parts of the Pennines, which is very surprising!

Looking forward to hearing from some of you and keep an eye out for my next 'Blog' - I'll try to keep them interesting ;-)

Cheers! Mike