Bespoke Google Maps!

Choose a Bespoke Google Map from the Extra's/Accessories section when making your booking and enjoy your route to the maximum!

I'm often asked about cycling directions and routes, due mainly to the lack of dedicated cycle path signage.  These omissions can often cause confusion and also, increase the chances of taking a wrong turn.... Let's be honest, there's nothing more annoying, after making good headway, than having to return the way you just cycled because you misread the direction that the sign was 'apparently' pointing?

In the past, I've occasionally created bespoke maps using google mapping for some of my clients, in addition to the ones already featured in the Explore section of my website. These have been well-received and have helped the clients using them to discover sections of a route that are not widely featured and more importantly, has taken away doubts about 'which way to go' when reaching junctions that may offer ambiguous options!

The generic maps currently available for Hadrian's Wall, N72 cycle route are ok, but do not necessarily feature places of interest (those 'do not miss!' places) such as, Walltown Crags and Cawfield Roman Quarry, both of which are not on the N72 HWCR route and they certainly won't advise you about the severity of the hill climbs you will encounter, nor will they guide you to your overnight stops?

This is where a downloadable Bespoke Google Map that has your specific itinerary, including your overnight stop locations, the places that you want to visit, lunch break suggestions, warnings about hill severity/length and is tailored to your particular journey can become the best Extra you have chosen!